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First futures: geopolitical conflict pushed up crude oil, and Shanghai oil's short fall triggered short covering

crude oil:

crude oil rose sharply on Friday, oil prices recovered from the previous day's decline, and the tension between the United States and Iran, the terrorist incident in Nigeria and the fear of the British strike all prompted speculative forces to re-enter. The CFTC position report also showed that the total position decreased to 1.33 million hands this week, down 100000 hands. Net long positions increased by 4036 hands, as speculative short positions decreased by more than multiple orders

overall decline in commercial positions., In addition, British refineries face the risk of strike, while the oil pipeline damage from Nigeria has increased traders' tension. In terms of currency value, close to the open meeting of the Federal Reserve, although the market is expected to have little room for another sharp interest rate cut, pushing up the dollar, the focus of market transactions is obviously focused on supply concerns

technically, crude oil rose strongly on Friday, and the short-term average became a strong support. Transactions shrank slightly while positions increased over the same period, indicating the involvement of funds. During the day, it opened higher, hitting a new high of $119.80. Although the sensitivity of the technical detector will drop, the momentum of inertia rise is still large, but we need to be cautious about the pressure of $120 in the short term

in terms of operation, multiple orders should be held carefully. Focus on the falling space of the US dollar

fuel oil:

Asian fuel oil prices remained stable at high levels. Singapore's fuel oil inventory rose again to a three week high to meet different needs, close to 20million barrels. Variety differentiation has become the main reason to support the stable high oil price in the outer market. The domestic market continued its previous weakness. In some regions, chengwute shares will be added with a pair of wings of capital, and the increase in the price of refined oil will make the end demanders still have a certain profit. In particular, refinery inventories in North and East China continued to decline, exacerbating regional tensions. Try to improve the service capacity and level. Although the current demand is not high, low inventory is still worthy of attention. The high inventory level in South China market makes the rising momentum low. Futures prices are more supported by the strong rebound of US crude oil. The daily limit of Shanghai Jiaotong has also become the main reason for the sentiment of industrial products

technically, intraday futures prices jumped high, and short covering drove up the initiative of futures prices. The near month and far month contracts reduced positions by 1864 and 1176 respectively. Indicators show signs of rising again

in terms of operation, short stop loss leaves the market. Caution is needed to catch up

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