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Zhenxiong injection molding machines account for 98% of all machines in Quanxing group

Quanxing group is a multinational company engaged in all-round auto parts manufacturing. Founded in Taiwan in 1953, it has bases in Chinese Mainland, Malaysia, Vietnam and other places. There are 45 subsidiaries, using about 120 Zhenxiong injection molding machines, accounting for 98% of all owned machines

Quanxing group provides services close to major automakers, such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda and Toyota. The friction coefficient should be constant. Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mazda, Subaru, Dongfeng, JCM, Haima, Luofu and Mg are all important customers of Quanxing group

Quanxing group uses Zhenxiong full set injection molding machine to produce car seats and full interior trim system

texture comes from the pursuit of production technology

in the highly competitive market environment, the surface texture of automotive interior trim, finished product flame retardant, impact resistance and other finished product quality determine the product price and the success or failure of competition

Quanxing Nanjing factory is a leading manufacturer of interior systems. Its products include interior door panels, steering wheels, seats, etc. It adopts the 210-2500 ton crankshaft and two plate models of Zhenxiong group, and the tonnage of production models ranges from 210 tons to 2500 tons

precision injection molding crosses the threshold of competition

the performance of Zhenxiong injection molding machine requires high precision, high efficiency and high stability in the injection molding equipment for automotive plastic parts of Quanxing group, especially in the low-pressure injection molding of precision thin parts

the key details of injection molding of automotive interior parts are to accurately control the fire speed, shorten the cooling time, and master the uniform shrinkage of products. With a full set of "high-efficiency" injection molding system, it has a systematic plan in the aspect of high-value utilization, including automatic parts taking, nozzle cutting, detection and storage systems, so as to achieve the goal of Quanxing group to shorten the production cycle and intelligent factory management. At the same time, heavy-duty summits, policy and regulation lectures, new technology and new products press conferences, procurement and supply docking conferences and other activities will be held at the same time

the general managers and production and technical directors of 19 business departments of Quanxing group highly affirmed the stability, durability, positive and rapid after-sales service and affordable price of Zhenxiong injection molding machine

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