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Ink manufacturing system for improving color balance effect

ink manufacturing system for improving color balance effect

March 17, 2001

after developing a tool for color testing and storing reading data information into data format

, aseli company began to further plan for the development of 411.9 in the future

shacklell Edwards is the first in the UK to release the new Ashley software at the end of this year β Test station

this new software will enable the ink production sites of shacklell Edwards company to match the distance between the regional service centers

shackell Edwards' regional center will use arelli software to read the color block, and then directly transfer these data to a task for ink color matching. Shackell Edwards can also use this system to establish an equipment management station in some large printing and packaging plants

this software system is the ink preparation and QA system of aseli company. This system includes a 938 spectrophotometer using ink -

mast, which we have a long-term new and old customer protector color formulation software (CFS advanced ink color formulation software), forming a complete laboratory system for ink manufacturers and printers. It can be used to control the preparation of flexo printing, gravure printing, silk printing and offset printing inks. This system only needs to operate under Win95 and

and uses a new unique mathematical engine to accurately and reliably prepare ink

Shackell Edwards has been engaged in the production of printing inks, polishes and chemical agents for printing plants since 1786, and established a cooperative relationship with esseli in May 1999

aseli company has also recently launched some new products. IFRA has used ATD new, which can effectively read the color data of paper printing. This device requires a verification strip about

6mm thick. At the bottom of this strip, there is a printed color block containing 50% gray scale of three primary colors

the printer puts this check strip on the reader. The strip will be safely lifted under vacuum, and the reader will test the density value respectively according to the instructions

the collected data can be displayed in various ways and displayed in graphic form according to the position of the ink key

because the data is digital, it can be directly connected to the ink key through a closed circulation system

aseli also considered the multifaceted adaptability of ATD design to a great extent. Therefore, the thickness is slightly higher than 3 inches, which is suitable for small and large format paper. This design enables it to be installed on the ink control

key of the console, so that the operator can operate the ink key when observing the printing sample, and the order amount is 469.787 billion yen

aseli's development of new tools has attracted the attention of creoscitex. They also signed an agreement with iseli

to install the dtp-4 test system on iris digital proofing machine

creoscitex's installation on iris proofing machine can enhance the ability of proofing system. Its automatic

scanning function can automatically establish and intelligently adjust the profile files of ICC input devices, display devices, output devices and other connected

devices. It is said that it can be launched at the end of 2000

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