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China's ink market presents six characteristics, and wants to be high compared with the international market

the international trade of China's ink industry is also very active. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, the export volume of printing inks in China was 97, 95 and 10800 tons respectively, with an average annual foreign exchange volume of more than US $50 million; The import volume is 2470 tons, 2800 tons and 39400 tons respectively. In international trade, China's ink product market presents six characteristics, which are:

1 The export markets are mainly distributed in Asia, Africa and North America. The export volume of Asia accounts for more than 85% of China's total ink export volume, and the total export volume to Africa and North America is about 12%. Europe and Oceania also have a small part respectively

2. Imports mainly come from Asia, which generally accounts for about 3/4 of China's total ink imports that year, followed by Europe and North America, whose total imports are about 1/4 to ensure customers' purchase and use

3. The varieties of imported inks in China are mainly high-grade and special inks with low domestic production, short supply in the market or blank in China. The average unit price of import is generally about 1/3 higher than that of export in the same period

4. Imports far exceed exports, and the gap is widening. Although in recent years, China's ink industry has further shown a strong growth momentum in the face of the new situation of China's entry into the WTO and integration into the global economy, there is still a large gap between the market supply and demand of domestic ink, especially the gap of high-end ink is larger, resulting in the proportion of import and export of China's ink in the past three years. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, The import volume is 2.55, 2.95 and 3.65 times of the export volume respectively

5. The quality level of domestic ink has not only been generally recognized by developing countries, but also by developed countries in the international market. In recent years, China has exported to Japan, the United States, Britain and other European and American printing inks. The high crystallinity of PGA makes it have good mechanical properties. The average annual export volume of printing inks from developed countries accounts for about 1/6 of the total export volume of China's inks in the same period

6 although the quality level and product grade of domestic inks have been greatly improved and the varieties have also increased, there is still a certain gap compared with the international advanced level. This is reflected in the fact that China exported to some advanced countries in the same period and imported similar products from these countries by pressing the "query/3" key. The average import unit price is generally about 1/3 higher than the average export unit price

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