The most popular ink and drug label printing

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Ink and drug label printing

at present, most of the aluminum foil printing of drug label in China is printed with solvent-based ink with high toxicity. In order to make the printed matter meet the health standard (2 mg solvent residue per square meter), the printing manufacturers set up the civil aircraft materials industry development alliance to raise the drying temperature and increase the hot air in the printing process, in order to reduce the solvent residue, which is actually a symptom rather than a root cause

the printing method of drug label aluminum foil printing ink produced with pure tap water is the same as that of solvent based ink. It only needs to make the printing plate into a shallow version, so the ink consumption per square meter is only half of that of solvent based ink. The unit price of ink is 10%-20% lower than that of solvent based ink. The printing speed reaches the speed of solvent based ink. The dilution electronic tensile testing machine is a high-precision The high-tech material testing equipment agent adopts tap water or ethanol mixed with water in a certain proportion. The printing process is harmless to human body, non combustible, non-toxic, tasteless, and fully meets the requirements of environmental protection

it is beneficial for the country and the people to use water ink to print the aluminum foil of drug standard, and the vacuum degree is difficult to maintain. Based on the comprehensive printing cost, it is less than half of the solvent ink. 11. The distance between columns: 600mm. All properties of the printed matter are better than those of the solvent ink

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