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Beifu's cost-effective injection molding machine solution won the 2012 Jung technological innovation award in the plastic industry

on September 13, the 2012 Jung technological innovation award in the plastic industry was grandly announced at Renaissance Shanghai Mingjie hotel. This year's technological innovation award is highly competitive. After strict selection by the expert jury and referring to the voting opinions of customers, the innovative products of 33 excellent enterprises stand out from the competition, covering raw materials and accessories, injection molding technology, extrusion technology, blow molding technology, molds and accessories, material handling and auxiliary equipment, measurement and testing, automation, applied innovative technology and other ten fields. The cost-effective injection molding machine solution cp6201 of German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. (Beckhoff informed it that it can read data) won the Innovation Award in the automation category this year, which is also the third time that Beifu company won the Jung plastic industry innovation award

PENG Jie, marketing manager of Beifu China, took the stage on behalf of the company to accept the award and delivered the acceptance speech

the award-winning cp6201 - is a 12 inch Panel PC, which integrates an emergency stop switch and a USB interface with a protection grade of IP65. Its key layout has been optimized for the injection molding process. 40 customized buttons can be easily operated through different options and adjust the conditioner to the best position. The operating system can choose wince, windows XPE or Windows XP Professional Edition system. Not only that, the hardware interface and storage medium of cp6201 can be expanded, and there are many options to provide customers in the Asia Pacific region with faster technology and quality services, so it has greater flexibility

Beifu has been committed to providing open automation solutions based on PC control technology. For the injection molding machine industry, the company also adheres to this purpose. The starting point of developing this cost-effective solution is that the hardware platform and software platform must be open and flexible. On the basis of inheriting many years of experience of German biff in PC control, especially for the specific requirements of Chinese customers, the reliability and stability have been improved on the premise of ensuring product performance. After a large number of visits and investigations to Chinese customers, we optimized the design of the product according to the installation and use requirements of the injection molding machine industry, which greatly improved its cost performance. It can be said that this is a product specially designed for Chinese injection molding machine customers. At the award ceremony, Peng Jie, marketing manager of Beifu China, said that next year, Beifu will further launch an economic control system solution for injection molding machines that is more suitable for the Chinese market, which will be very attractive to Chinese customers

this event was jointly organized by Jung industrial media and its magazine international plastics business information, aiming to further promote the development of China's plastics industry by commending innovative products and leading technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry

about the Jung technological innovation award

the Jung technological innovation award, hosted by Jung industrial media, has been widely concerned by the industry with its fair and objective selection process since its successful holding in 2006, and its influence has been expanding; Each year, the award is awarded to outstanding innovation pioneers in the industry to commend innovative products and technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry, encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation, and deliver more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to the industry; Jung technology innovation award has gradually covered seven industrial fields, including pump valve, metal processing, plastic, food and beverage, packaging, coating, personal care products and cosmetics. It is the most professional and influential industry selection in China

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