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Japan has developed injection plastics that absorb electromagnetic waves

it is reported that a company in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, has newly developed an electromagnetic wave absorbing resin blend for injection molding

the development of this special material will make it possible to realize mass production of electronic precision parts with three-dimensional structure, which is difficult to be machined so far. In the past, parts made of electromagnetic wave absorbing materials mainly used sintering method or sheet processing method, which is difficult to process complex and exquisite products. The resin composite electromagnetic wave absorbing but low polishing rate blend developed by the company solves this problem. The company said that the method of adding various oxides and gold composites to the resin as intelligent materials, which is favored by groups and enterprises, is a filler, which can meet the requirements of users and provide the required electromagnetic wave absorbing blends. 1. Experimental pressure: it is the most important factor affecting the core configuration of the hydraulic testing machine; The research and development work focuses on solving the problem of the electricity of metal system electromagnetic wave absorbing materials, and the sine wave experiment is adopted; According to the impact test method, after special treatment of the metal powder surface, it is compounded with resin to make its insulation meet the requirements, solve the problems of insulation damage and heating, and its permeability reaches 60, which is the highest level of resin composites

this technology has broad application prospects. It has a leading position in the same industry in the world

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