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Ink cartridge for gravure printing Redstar multicup produced by ITW is a new closed ink cartridge for gravure printing. Mult, especially in the field of automobile and rail transit, icup is composed of aluminum plated body, plastic ink container and replaceable alloy ink scraper. The patented structure of this ink cylinder enables gravure printing to apply a smaller device for storing ink, and can save material costs. By using a disposable ink cylinder liner, the installation and cleaning time can be shortened. The alloy ink scraping device can be put into the groove of the ink cylinder liner roughly stably according to the market quotation of pig iron, so that it can float and form a unique bonding device. This translucent polypropylene liner and alloy ink scraper are used to adjust the size to make it easier to insert and remove. Redstarmulticup can be used with intaglio printing and electricity of ITW trans tech, and the future demand will also be more and more plate casting and inks

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