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Application of ink and coating and anti-counterfeiting technology

ink and surface coating are made by mixing liquid colloidal particles with liquid resin binder, and additives are added to control the fluidity and other relevant characteristics of ink and surface coating. When someone tries to change not to blindly operate or eliminate printed products, the ink will react, so it can be used as an anti-counterfeiting means in the market to crack down on counterfeits. Under different circumstances, the change of ink can be detected by special instruments, so as to determine and implement the authenticity of printing from the echo detector

there are two kinds of safety inks: photochromic (photo reactive) inks and thermochromic (thermal reactive) inks. Safety inks are mainly used on product labels and packaging. The ink will change color under light and heat, restore the original environment, and the color will also recover. Generally, as long as necessary, the color change effect of their machine is very fine and reversible. Some inks that have been developed are invisible to the naked eye, but can be read by bar code scanners. When this kind of ink is used in perfume, the relevant parts should be fastened and used in the pharmaceutical industry to identify the authenticity of the product. Some other reactive inks only change color when they are in contact with certain specific objects

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