The most popular Haida environmental pressure test

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Haida environmental pressure testing machine has successfully cooperated with runxingtai

Zhuhai runxingtai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. became a partner of Haida last month and ordered an environmental pressure testing machine from our company. The technical personnel of our office have rushed to our company for technical guidance and to perform the relevant after-sales contract. Thank Zhuhai Runxing (5) concrete Tai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. for its support and trust to our company

runxingtai company was founded in 1994. Its main businesses include mold manufacturing, large-scale die casting, sheet metal stamping, CNC processing, etc. its products include AV peripherals, auto parts, communication products, etc

Haida instrument specializes in the production of quality testing instruments such as ring pressure testing machine, rupture strength testing machine, carton compression machine, vibration test bench, etc. all major manufacturers are welcome to buy our products

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