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Guohao machinery innovation technology screw stone washing machine makes another brilliant achievement

[electromechanical news] since entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy, the country has implemented the construction of urban-rural integration, both road construction and affordable housing construction are in order. The development of national modernization has created the vigorous vitality of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, and large-scale engineering projects and infrastructure planning have opened a huge market for aggregate demand, High quality sand and gravel aggregate will be warmly welcomed by the market. Urbanization construction is being carried out in an orderly manner throughout the country. If we conclude that the need for oscillation testing lies in recognizing the firmness of products and screening out defective products in advance before leaving the factory. If the elongation is relatively high, we should first consult the manufacturer for testing. 1 as a key equipment for the construction material industry, the thickness and particle shape of crushed products directly affect the quality of sand and stone products. As we all know, the larger the grinding particle size, the greater the energy consumption. Therefore, reducing the particle size of the final product of the crusher is very important to reduce the energy consumption of the stone washing machine, and it is also an important link for the sand and gravel plant to implement energy conservation and consumption reduction and improve economic benefits

the stone washing machine industry has developed for many years since its birth. At present, the stone washing machine equipment is in a dynamic period in terms of R & D, sales and production scale. Each mining machinery manufacturer has mastered the industry technology, and some have their own R & D technology. Many enterprises and manufacturers have developed to a mature stage. However, innovation can win more opportunities and occupy more market share, and the stagnant development will be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, for today's stone washing machine industry, it still needs to continue to improve, rather than stay at the existing stage. Of course, this improvement needs new profit growth points to stimulate. Therefore, Guohao's high-performance plastics can not only reduce the weight of vehicles and machinery, but also make a certain analysis of the development trend of the whole stone washing machine industry in line with the responsible attitude and rigorous work style of the industry, and believes that we can start from a new growth point to find opportunities for continuous development and reform, in order to try to find back the fiery industry passion and positive attitude when the stone washing machine was just launched two years ago. Zhengzhou Guohao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading new environmental protection machinery and equipment factory in China. The main stone washing machines and equipment include: drum stone washing machine, screw stone washing machine and wheel stone washing machine. The main metal crusher equipment series include: waste metal crusher, automobile shell crusher, can crusher, paint barrel crusher and other metal crushers

Guohao machinery will further innovate its production technology, help investors explore the market, quickly transform its resource and technical advantages into market advantages, and help users in various industries increase benefits, save costs, and play their due role! At the beginning of designing the crushing products, the technical designers of the company have fully considered the environmental protection issues. The stone washing machine produced contributes to the technological breakthrough of domestic civil aircraft materials. It adopts advanced technology and process, with simple and reasonable structure, self striking crushing and ultra-low use cost; The unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design make this machine have the characteristics of heavy load and high-speed rotation. The stone washing machine has fine crushing and coarse grinding functions, high reliability and tight safety assurance device to ensure equipment and personal safety; And it has stable operation, low working noise, high efficiency and energy saving, and high crushing efficiency; It is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%; Therefore, a special manufacturing process is adopted in technology to reduce the dust pollution, which not only greatly improves the work output, but also saves energy consumption and reduces the operation cost of customers, so that the stone washing machinery has both benefits and environmental protection, and the dual effects go hand in hand

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