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Application of Guodian Zhishen DCS in the first megawatt secondary reheat unit at 17:58 on September 25, Guodian Taizhou Power Plant Phase II 2x1000 MW secondary reheat Ultra Supercritical Unit 3 successfully completed 168 hours of full load 6 The various signs on the electronic productivity experimental machine are not clear, and the test run under load marks that the annual market demand for building insulation materials has reached 250billion yuan, marking that the world's first megawatt secondary reheat ultra supercritical coal-fired generator unit has been officially completed and put into operation, and the main operation indicators of the unit have reached the world's leading level

the automatic control system (DCS), which is responsible for the brain of the unit, is provided by Guodian Zhishen company. During the trial operation, the automatic input rate of the unit is 100%, the protection input rate is 100%, and the primary frequency modulation and AGC have passed the electrical examination

as the 12th Five year national science and technology support plan project for energy conservation and emission reduction determined by the Ministry of science and technology, relying on the demonstration project and the world's first million KW secondary reheat unit, Guodian Zhishen company is responsible for the research, development, manufacturing, engineering design, application and commissioning services of the unit automation control system (DCS) and the control strategy of the secondary reheat unit. The company gave full play to the advantages of independent innovation, carried out scientific and technological research, and made breakthroughs in four key technologies: developed and successfully applied the key control strategy and technology of the secondary reheat unit, in other words, comprehensively applied conventional control, predictive control, nonlinear control and other technologies, and effectively solved the control problems of the secondary reheat unit, such as many controlled parameters, strong cross coupling, large time delay and large time delay; The research, development and successful application of automatic startup and shutdown control technology (APS) of the unit has ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Through APS, the complete startup process of the unit is completed, and the automation level of the unit has achieved a new breakthrough; Research and develop the secondary reheat unit simulation model and high-precision, full excitation simulation system platform for control strategy simulation test verification and optimization; Develop and apply flexible sub domain technology to improve the safety and reliability of DCS system

the successful application of Guodian Zhishen's independent intellectual property DCS in the world's first million KW secondary reheat coal-fired power generation unit marks that the company's DCS technology has reached the international leading level

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