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Haikou beer production enterprises can use plastic beer bottles

internationally, it has become a trend for beer production enterprises to use plastic bottles when canning, because it is more convenient to reuse plastic bottles, which is conducive to the development of circular economy and reduce resource waste; The plastic bottle is light in weight, which can effectively reduce the transportation cost when the load can no longer rise. Especially for Hainan Island, it is very important to make Hainan Beer go nationwide and even around the world

plastic bottles are more safe, which can prevent glass bottles from exploding and hurting people and alcoholics from being used as a weapon for fighting. At the same time, the cost of plastic bottles is not high, and many OEM companies are looking for plastic materials that can bring rich income in the next few years, which will not increase any management costs and human consumption

suggestion: zhuoguiyong, a member of the Haikou CPPCC, suggested that the beer manufacturing enterprises in Haikou promote the use of plastic collection process to carry out canning from the mobilization s (perhaps "seeds") of a given starting URL, so as to keep up with the trend of international development and meet the practical needs of Haikou enterprises in production and transportation

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