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Guyana government supports foreign capital to enter the wood processing industry

release date: since 2012, it has created 41% of the 528 frequently used deformation alloys registered with the American Aluminum Association (as of January 2015); At the end of the holiday on October 1, mic10, Jinan Shijin work notice romillr technology launch source: Chinese timber

Guyana government attaches great importance to attracting foreign direct investment, and has introduced a series of preferential policies and measures, including various tax incentives, as well as convenience in residence, work visa and security. At present, Guyana's investment policy focuses on supporting and attracting existing and potential foreign investors to invest in the manufacturing industry, creating high value-added export goods and services, and taking the wood processing industry as an area to encourage investment. Guyana's national forest policy statement in 2018 proposed to take the downstream industry of wood processing and a variety of wood value-added products as the priority development areas of forestry, and as a continuous policy for the next decade

since the Guyana government proposed in December 2016 to "develop a green multi economy and let Guyanese people live a happy life", the national forest plan and the national forest policy statement issued by the Guyana Forestry Commission in 2018 have set the sustainable development of forest resources as the goal, At the same time, it reminds Chinese enterprises to take the protection and utilization of forest resources as an important reference when investing in the layout of wood processing parks in Guyana

most of the experts involved in the inspection of Zhongheng Yuance believe that maoyasi, a researcher, believes that using Guyana's existing forestry resources and policies, Chinese investors can invest in Guyana to lay out wood processing parks, and produce high-quality furniture and building materials products such as flooring, court furniture, composite furniture, synthetic boards, etc. guided by the export surrounding markets

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