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Haida "packaging compression testing machine" big promotion

packaging compression testing machine is the most direct testing instrument to test the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. It is used to judge the compressive capacity of cartons and can be used for the test of pressure holding stacking. The test results can be completely comparable to the spraying effect. It can be used as an important reference for the height of finished packaging boxes stacked in factories or an important basis for designing packaging boxes

design standards

tappi-t804, jis-20212 launch rare earth inspection. Looking back, gb4857.3.4, astm-d642, qb/t1048, BS EN ISO 12048, gb/t4857.16, 2002, gb/t8167, gb/t8168, gb/t4857.3, gb/t4857.4

technical parameters of packaging compression testing machine

(can be customized according to customer requirements)

allowable specimen weight: 1t

decomposition degree: 1/10000

accuracy: 0 Provide correct data for product design 5%

force unit: kg, LB, n switchable

report items: serial number, peak value, average value, set holding pressure value, memorable

safety device: overload protection, overvoltage protection, limit protection device

structure: Taiwan AC variable frequency motor Ordinary screw

compression space: 600 800 800mm

compression speed standard: 10 3mm/min

overall size: (L w h) 1090800 1325mm

weight - host: about 590kg

power supply: 1 ∮, 220v/50hz

remarks: Taiwan AC variable frequency motor drive; It adopts ordinary screw rod for lifting and lowering, which is accurate and stable; Use American high-precision explosion-proof load cell; Adopt microcomputer control instrument to measure; Be able to print test data; High precision, low price; High sensitivity, instantly judge crushing and automatically stop

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