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Guoxing industry and trade intelligent environment-friendly rubber plasticizing machine has been successfully developed.

recently, it was learned from Xinjiang Turpan Guoxing industry and Trade Co., Ltd. that the chairman and senior engineer of the company recently learned that Shi Wu Shijia, after more than 20 years of painstaking research on various kinds of desulfurization equipment and desulfurization process for the production of reclaimed rubber, after continuous use, improvement and improvement, We have successfully developed "intelligent environmental friendly atmospheric and medium temperature rubber plasticizing machine". The device has applied for 15 invention patents

after more than one year of application and testing, the performance of the equipment and the physical and chemical indexes of the produced reclaimed rubber products meet the design requirements. According to the introduction, the equipment has the following characteristics: fully enclosed anhydrous plasticization operation, no waste water, waste gas generation; The plasticization energy consumption per ton of rubber powder is about 140kW, which saves more than 20% energy compared with the dynamic desulfurization tank; The strength of the reclaimed rubber of the whole tire rubber powder of the steel wire radial tire is about 12MPa and the elongation is about 420%, the strength of the reclaimed rubber of the tire top rubber powder is more than 15MPa and the elongation is about 440%, and the Mooney is between 55 and 65 (which can be adjusted freely according to the user's requirements); The post damage temperature of the sample in non pressure, and the plasticizing process is adjusted at 160 ~ 210 ℃; High temperature cracking and carbonization of rubber powder are avoided; According to the type of reclaimed rubber, the rubber powder can be adjusted in 8 ~ 24 mesh; The dosage of softener is low, and the dosage is adjusted at 8 ~ 13%; It is suitable for industrial production of various scales with an annual output of 10000 ~ 60000 tons; The whole process is automatically controlled, and only 2 people are needed for single shift operation of 10000 ton unit

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