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Haikou No.1 wooden door factory has a bad smell of painting work, polluting the air

Haikou No.1 wooden door factory has a bad smell of painting work, polluting the air

March 26, 2013

[China paint information] "every day, there is a layer of dust at home, and you also smell a pungent smell. Living in such an environment for a long time will definitely get sick." Mr. Chen, from Gaopo village, Yehai Avenue, Haikou, reported that the wooden door processing plant next to the dormitory was illegally discharging paint every day, seriously polluting the surrounding environment

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smoke exhaust pipe in the paint room of the wooden door processing factory

residents complain about the air pollution caused by the paint spraying operation of the factory

Mr. Chen came to Hainan to work at the beginning of this year, and the unit to work is fairly good, because the company has arranged a unified housing for employees. Although in Gaopo village, the location is a little far away from the urban area, it is still very convenient to live with colleagues. "Originally, I was very satisfied with all this, but the wood processing factory next door made our life a mess." Mr. Chen said that the company rented dormitories, so it needed to develop special experimental fixtures. There was a factory processing wooden doors across the wall of the building. The noise produced by this factory was barely tolerable, but the pungent smell produced when painting was unbearable. "There was no way, so we asked the media for help."

Mr. Chen said that painting operations are generally concentrated in the afternoon and evening. During the operation, a large amount of white smoke will be emitted from the smoke exhaust pipe of the paint room, which not only smells pungent, but also contains dust. Although the house is cleaned every day, there will still be a layer of white dust. He worried that it is chemicals, which are harmful to human body. "Living in such an environment every day will definitely have an impact on health. It may cause cancer." Mr. Chen said that in any case, an enterprise processing wooden doors should not be built in residential areas, and he hoped that the relevant departments would take care of it

relevant departments will be ordered to relocate if they fail to pass the environmental impact assessment.

according to Mr. Chen, on the morning of the 21st, the business daily found this wooden door processing plant, which is located 200 meters away from the intersection of Gaopo village, Yehai Avenue. Because there are residential buildings around, the wooden door processing plant is difficult to be found, and there is no sign at the gate of the plant. Although there was no processing operation in the factory that morning, there was still an unpleasant smell of paint in the plant. The terminal of the smoke exhaust pipe was near the dormitory where Mr. Chen lived, and the smoke exhaust pipe had not undergone any emission reduction treatment

then, the situation was reported to the Haikou environmental protection and industry and commerce departments. In the morning of that day, the staff of the two departments rushed to the scene

Mr. Sun, the relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department, said that the wooden door processing plant certainly did not go through the relevant environmental protection procedures and failed to pass the environmental impact assessment. He immediately sent someone to follow up the sampling investigation. The painting operation of the wooden door processing plant causes serious air pollution around and is not suitable for building in residential areas. After investigation and evidence collection, they will be ordered to relocate. If the factory has an industrial and commercial business license, it is suggested that the industrial and commercial department revoke it

when the staff of the industrial and commercial department checked the relevant certificates and licenses of the wooden door processing factory, the head of the factory said that the business license was under annual review, and then it would be sent to the industrial and commercial office to cooperate with the investigation

On March 25, Mikiya nomira, the regional sales manager of CH AkzoNobel in the Asia Pacific region, was also introduced. She told reporters that on the relevant information day of inaplas 2014, she learned from the Jinpan industrial and commercial office that the person in charge of the wooden door processing factory had not yet come to the Office to provide a business license. "Whether there is a license or not, we will deal with it according to the relevant regulations. The Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission will promote the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of key projects, and the dispatch committee will send a message," said Zhong, director of Jinpan industrial and commercial office

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