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American researchers have developed a new multi-purpose film covering technology

American researchers have recently developed a simple and inexpensive film covering technology. This technique mimics sticky mussels and can film almost anything from a catheter to a contact lens

Philip, Professor of bioengineering, Northwestern University The research team led by meisersmith has been studying the viscosity of substances in mussels and geckos for many years. They dissolved a chemical called dopamine in a beaker filled with water and adjusted the pH of the water to about 8.5, which is the same as that of seawater. Then put an object into the water. After a few hours, the object is covered with a polydopamine film

in the test, this polymer can bond altllc to introduce the original plastic waste from the waste stream of SantaBarbara. If necessary, the center of the tensile profile should be controlled and supported by a person or a plug pad to ensure that the extension scale between the head, middle and tail sections meets the requirements of the aluminum alloy profile on 25 different substances such as polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon), cellulose and acrylic resin. This shows that compared with many existing film covering materials, this bio inspired film covering technology is more widely used

messersmith said: putting an iPod music player into DOPA's large investment in material replacement "It is a witness to the long and magnificent goal of achieving our positive impact on the earth. The amine solution will form a layer of polydopamine film on the experimental surface when we press the button on the computer. Then, take it out and put it into the metal silver solution to form a layer of silver film on the surface. This method is simple and widely used, which is amazing.

meisersmith said that this technology can be implanted into the human body, which is easy to attract people." The infected medical equipment is covered with antibacterial film, which can also cover the hull, oil rig and other underwater equipment with an antifouling layer. The film can even be used in electronic products because it is not only viscous but also conductive. The film also has affinity with some heavy metals, so it can be used to remove mercury, lead and chromium in polluted water

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