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Automation technology has gradually become a new trend in the development of medical devices

over the past few centuries, arniteleco's experience in the evolving manufacturing industry has prompted the medical device industry to increasingly pursue cutting-edge technology. Today, what are the new development trends of the medical device industry that will not use the experimental machine for a long time

automation and robotics

more and more medical device manufacturers begin to pay attention to the design of automatic synthesis and precision operation. Automation equipment has broad application prospects, such as medical equipment assembly, dispensing, laboratory automation, mechanization, raw material processing, packaging and electronic assembly. The highly competitive environment promotes the rapid development of manufacturing industry, and further causes medical equipment enterprises to manufacture and provide a variety of automated medical devices

medical software

in today's environment where computers are widely used, medical devices are difficult to survive without the help of medical software, covering more than 190 countries and regions in the world. These software involve all stages of the industry. More and more sophisticated software has been widely developed and applied in the sales, marketing and management information systems of the pharmaceutical industry. There are also some management software customized for the special needs of pharmaceutical companies, which can provide delivery, inventory control, sales, purchase management, processing, information management system and clearing functions. Medical software is not a duplication of the functions of traditional medical equipment, but can provide strong support for pharmaceutical trade and manufacturing. Medical software has become an indispensable medical device in the modern pharmaceutical industry

laser processing

advanced manufacturing technology has promoted the rapid growth of laser processing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Some laser drilling devices are very suitable for rapid prototyping surgery. There are also some laser processing devices combined with automation equipment, which have high-performance direct drive and rotary motion, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy. This is a special low VOC/low atomization thermoplastic elastomer platform for medical device applications that integrates laser welding and creates regulatory control systems. It is used for laser welding and cutting technology of small components, and is expected to be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry

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