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Closely following the theme of "energy conservation and efficiency increase", automation enterprises are taking action

Introduction: in 2011, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry is expected to receive intensive policy support. Relevant departments have drawn a basic blueprint for its future development, that is, to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in the construction field with the energy-saving service industry, to comprehensively promote the energy-saving and environmental protection industry to enter the rapid development track with the total amount control of water resources and sewage treatment, to tighten the emission standards of air pollutants, to raise the entry threshold of environmental protection, and to promote the survival of the fittest in the heavy metal industry

trigger green business opportunities and the environmental protection market exceeds 3trillion

Liu Zhiquan, deputy director of the Department of science and technology standards of the Ministry of environmental protection, revealed that the first draft of the "development plan for energy conservation and environmental protection industry" has been completed and submitted to the State Council in June, which is expected to be announced in the near future. He said that the roadmap for the development of the environmental protection industry described in the plan will cover a series of technological and industrial development policy objectives for the prevention and control of water, air and heavy metal pollution

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China has set a 16% emission reduction target. From the perspective of figures, 16% is lower than 19% of the 11th five year plan. However, through calculation, during the 11th Five Year Plan period, China completed 630 million tons of standard coal for energy conservation, and the energy conservation to be achieved during the 12th Five Year Plan period is 670 million tons of standard coal, higher than the 11th five year plan standard

Zhou Changyi, director of the Department of energy conservation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will continue to improve energy utilization standards, vigorously promote the promotion of advanced energy-saving technologies and special rectification of energy conservation, and create huge development space for the development of energy-saving service industry, among which the potential of industrial energy conservation is still great

it is understood that by 2015, China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry is expected to have an average annual growth of 15%, and the total output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry is expected to exceed 3trillion yuan, accounting for 7% - 8% of GDP

throughout the 12th Five Year Plan, we have found a huge business opportunity, namely green business opportunities. At the abb Automation World Conference in May this year, Haokun, CEO of ABB group, pointed out that China's challenges in the next five years lie in balancing energy supply and demand, smart electricity, land and water transportation and urbanization. As more and more people live in cities, they bring great pressure to the energy demand of cities and the environment. ABB's response to China's 12th Five Year Plan is to support the transformation of China's economy to low carbon and high energy efficiency

stick to the theme of low carbon and vigorously promote energy conservation and efficiency.

according to the research of the United Nations Environment Programme, the global investment in clean energy of 200 base metal special electronic paste technology in 8 years is as high as $112billion, but the investment in energy conservation and efficiency is only $1.8 billion. The emission reduction potential of energy conservation and efficiency in the next 20 years will far exceed the sum of other ways, And the investment of energy-saving and efficiency increasing projects can generally recover the cost by saving energy expenditure within 2 years

experts believe that promoting economic structural adjustment through energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and ecological environmental protection is not only a realistic and long-term need to save resources and protect the environment, but also a key measure to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development. Strengthening energy conservation and efficiency increase can not only reduce resource consumption and pollution emissions, bring significant social and environmental benefits, but also bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises, effectively expand domestic demand and promote economic restructuring

energy conservation and environmental protection industry involves technology and equipment, products and services, and is an important part of China's strategic emerging industries. It has the characteristics of large market potential, strong driving ability, and many employment opportunities. The promotion of energy-efficient equipment, the upgrading of end-user energy products and the development of energy-saving service industry will form a huge market demand. At present, the energy-saving and efficiency increasing business with great potential in the industry is attracting more and more energy-saving service companies. 2. The pull range, experimental journey, and basic configuration have become the core development projects

in China, heavy industries such as it, construction, electric power, coal, steel and petrochemical industry are all large households with high pollution and high energy consumption. These industries are also the key implementation enterprises of energy conservation and emission reduction. These high energy consuming and high polluting enterprises need to spend a lot of human and material resources on the transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction. Advanced automation technology is an effective weapon to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in various industries

energy saving and efficiency increasing automation enterprises are taking action

industrial users' requirements and demands for energy saving and efficiency increasing solutions have increased significantly than ever before. According to the quantitative survey recently released by Siemens, climate change, rising energy costs and policy and regulatory requirements all make the efficient allocation of energy an urgent need for enterprises. The world's leading electrical enterprises are making great efforts in China's energy-saving market

abb takes energy conservation and efficiency improvement as its core business and is committed to designing products and solutions that can help customers use energy efficiently. Therefore, abb has launched a special efficiency and energy-saving service. After signing the comprehensive service contract, abb will be responsible for the survey, design, construction and operation management of all plant maintenance work. Abb is responsible for improving equipment productivity and efficiency, and customers will be able to focus on their core business. In addition, abb also provides expertise in applications and processes, and provides key technologies and products such as control systems, enterprise software, instruments, weak current products, drives, motors, robots and turbocharging systems for the industrial sector

on July 4, the Siemens energy-saving truck national tour with the theme of energy-saving and efficiency enhancing tour was officially launched in Beijing today. Trucks will arrive in more than 100 cities across the country in the next year to comprehensively display Siemens' integrated energy efficiency solutions in the fields of industry and infrastructure. Like other industrialized countries, energy conservation has become a top priority for China. Siemens global energy management helps China's sustainable development, while providing energy-saving solutions to enable customers and partners to gradually recover their investment

Gao Feike, vice president and project leader of Schneider Electric China, believes that to succeed in the Chinese market and achieve the company's long-term goals in the field of energy conservation and efficiency increase, the key is to rely on the competitiveness and technical ability of the energy conservation and efficiency increase project itself, and constantly pay attention to market changes. Therefore, Schneider Electric advocates an active energy-saving and efficiency increasing strategy. This strategy can help customers rigorously implement energy-saving and efficiency enhancement projects, and help customers save up to 30% of energy

based on the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, Mitsubishi Electric put energy conservation and environmental protection as the top priority and launched visual energy conservation management. The so-called visualization is the visualization of the production process, which is to maximize the use of factory energy, and even infiltrate energy-saving activities into the organization to improve production efficiency. Compared with other similar products, our machines save more energy. It must be emphasized here that the annual saving of 61.5 million kwh of energy is not without energy, but to maximize production efficiency and achieve production goals

as the main battlefield of energy conservation and consumption reduction, domestic enterprises can be described as the first platform close to water, and have launched energy-saving and efficiency increasing schemes. Taking Zhiguang electric as an example, the company will focus on energy conservation and efficiency, create and promote the overall solution of industrial electrical energy conservation and efficiency, and strive to become a domestic leading enterprise of industrial electrical energy conservation and efficiency. Ruidongyang, vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric Co., Ltd., said that the national promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction will bring more opportunities and development space for the company with a quenching hardness of hrc58 (6) 2 and an application life of several 10 years. The company's development goals in the next 10 years will focus on smart electricity, energy conservation and efficiency, and electrical transportation. (text/hard rock)

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