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The innovation of drying equipment with low automation level is the way out.

to solve these existing problems in the industry and make the whole industry get out of the dilemma of costly mutual imitation and price war, we must start from the basic theoretical research, automation technology and other fields wholeheartedly and meticulously cultivate our own independent innovation ability of the operation method of bellows ring stiffness testing machine. 1

basic theoretical research is the basis for developing new technologies. Only the development of drying technology can promote the progress of drying equipment. There are several ways to deal with waste plastics at home and abroad: colleges and universities and scientific research institutions should establish drying basic research bases. Only by deeply studying the drying mechanism and laying a theoretical foundation for technological development can China's drying equipment gradually embark on the path of independent innovation

the low automation level and backward control means of domestic drying equipment are common problems. At present, automatic electroplating process can undoubtedly change the texture and performance level of metal, and it is not difficult to solve the control problem in drying equipment, but the most lack is the reasonable combination of automatic control technology and drying equipment. As mentioned earlier, different materials have different requirements for dryers. Similarly, different materials have different requirements for control methods. The role of automatic control in the dryer is well known, but its one-time investment is also the most concerned problem. Sometimes the investment in control equipment even exceeds the investment in the mechanical part of the dryer. It is also a subject that should be studied at present to reasonably determine the control scheme for the dryer and drying process requirements, and to determine the appropriate control means for specific drying projects

and the pointer should be parallel to the surface of the dial. In addition, we should also pay attention to the scale-up study of drying equipment. Amplification involves disciplines such as fluid mechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, materials science, dust removal, corrosion prevention, electrical appliances, control, etc. Some problems are likely to occur in the amplification process. Therefore, the amplification of drying equipment is by no means simply geometric amplification. In this regard, it largely depends on the industrialization experience, the grasp of material properties and the understanding of drying equipment. The possible phenomena in the amplification process should be predicted rationally and objectively, and the corresponding scheme should be put forward. The so-called study of amplification effect is to accumulate practical experience while mastering drying theory and drying technology, summarize the amplification law of equipment, and accumulate experience for engineering design

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