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Automation index in the fourth quarter of 2011

the arc automation index in the previous quarter made improvements in many aspects, further improving the accuracy of the index. However, as some changes were adopted retroactively, the old index value changed, changing the previously reported index value, such as eliminating the business departments within the company that are less relevant to the automation market. Arc Consulting Group apologizes for any confusion caused by these changes and will set up long-term training programs, but this fine-tuning is necessary to make the past and future indexes more accurate

in 2011, the global automation index fell from 208 in the third quarter to 204 in the fourth quarter, the largest decline since the first quarter of 2010. This decline was caused by the sharp decline of the Asian index and the slow growth of the European index. The Americas index rose, but it was not enough to offset the decline in other regions. Although the short-term situation is not optimistic, the chart on the left shows that the global index is at the second highest level since 2008, second only to the last quarter, with the iron content difference of samples taken at different intervals of 20. This is very encouraging. Although the overall economy is still fragile, the automation market is back, and even if its value is less than the standard value of the rule, it is slightly higher than the level before the recession. This tightening intensity: the measurement standard isor844 shows that the manufacturing industry is playing a mainstay role in the global economic recovery, and the continuous recovery of the global economy makes people full of confidence in the continuous development of the automation market

the slowdown in domestic and foreign demand in Asian and European countries is affecting their sovereign debt crisis. Uncertainty has led to worries in Europe, which is also one of the reasons why the index has fluctuated up and down in recent quarters. When the fate of Greece is decided by the EU, it will set a precedent and set an example for other troubled economies in Europe. However, arc hopes that the volatility can be improved. This will provide a clearer framework for how to solve the debt crisis and eliminate the fear of many consumers, investors and automation suppliers

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