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Automation is becoming more and more mature. Johnson & Johnson spent more than $5 billion to acquire surgical robot company

recently, the robot industry announced a major acquisition of the standard environment for 3.1 sample state conditioning and experiment. Johnson & Johnson Group, a supplier of baby talcum powder, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, will purchase auris health, a surgical robot company, for $3.4 billion, and will pay more than $2 billion. Some time ago, FLIR just acquired the former subsidiary of iRobot, and the automation industry is rapidly maturing. It has been upgraded in many fields, which is no longer just the initial stage, and has attracted a large amount of capital investment from established enterprises interested in acquiring ready-made robots

auris health was founded in 2007 by Federico Moore, the co-founder of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the leader in the field of surgical robots. The zigzag experimental machines are equipped with operating instructions. The installation of innovative surgery is not level. Last year, auris health's monarch platform was approved by FDA, which is an endoscope that can be used for lung detection, This robot can use the natural opening of the human body (such as the mouth) to detect, so as to avoid cutting on patients. The company chose lung cancer as its first surgical target

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Da Vinci surgical robot from competitor intuitive surgery is used in a variety of surgeries, especially in prostate surgery. For more than 20 years, it has dominated the robot surgery market worth US $60billion, and is actively building its own patent portfolio in this field by giving full play to the advantages of the industrial chain, which makes it difficult for potential competitors to gain a foothold

for Johnson & Johnson, this acquisition is a long-term bet. The technology of robot assisted surgery is developing rapidly. As early as the 1990s, Moore proposed that robots can be used to narrow the huge gap between general surgeons and world-class experts

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