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Automation enters a new era of low-carbon economy editor's note: the fifth CIIF · mm · new automation forum 2009 will be held in Shanghai from November 4 to 5, 2009. The forum will also grandly hold the "2009 China Automation Innovation and energy saving product award selection and award ceremony"

today, with the global warming and environmental deterioration, the issues of energy and environmental protection have increasingly become the focus of people's thinking. Behind climate change, carbon dioxide is the main "culprit" causing environmental degradation. Manufacturing has always been a major energy consumer and a major "producer" of carbon dioxide. How to reduce "carbon production" is an important problem facing enterprises

the so-called "low-carbon economy" is a green economy based on low energy consumption and low pollution, that is, it emits the least greenhouse gases in development and obtains the maximum output of the whole society at the same time. In the context of global climate change, "low-carbon economy" has come to the forefront

"low carbon economy" is based on the establishment of a low-carbon energy system, a low-carbon technology system and a low-carbon industrial structure. It requires the establishment of production methods, consumption patterns and international and domestic policies, legal systems and market mechanisms to encourage low-carbon development. Its core is technological innovation and institutional innovation

advanced science and technology is a powerful weapon to improve low-carbon phenomenon. In the manufacturing industry, this technology is the advanced industrial automation technology

in manufacturing plants, the main means to achieve a low-carbon economy is energy conservation. In modern factories, the waste of energy is still very serious. According to relevant data, China's industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the country's total energy consumption, while technology and equipment generally have the phenomena of low performance, backward production technology, high energy consumption indicators and low overall energy efficiency, so there is a lot of room for improvement

automation manufacturers have also noticed this, and have taken the realization of energy conservation in the factory as their own responsibility. In today's advanced factories, energy management systems, energy feedback devices and overall energy-saving solutions tailored by automation manufacturers for users have become a trend, and energy-saving equipment such as high-efficiency motors, frequency converters, reducers and compressors are widely used

how to apply advanced automation technology to improve the phenomenon of high energy consumption, high cost, low labor productivity, poor resource utilization and serious environmental pollution in the old manufacturing industry? All of these require extensive automation for applications and users to discuss together

"CIIF · mm · new automation forum" is co sponsored by China International Industry Expo (CIIF) and mm modern manufacturing magazine. It is one of the five development forums of China International Industry Expo. Since 2005, it has been successfully held for 4 consecutive sessions, and has become an authoritative Brand Forum in the field of automation in which the clamping force of self fixture will produce error of test data with wear

as the top forum in the industry, "CIIF · mm · new automation forum" has the obligation to answer questions and provide suggestions for the vast number of people in the manufacturing industry on the development trend of the new control system

the fifth CIIF · mm · new automation forum 2009 will be held in Shanghai from November 4 to 5, 2009. The forum will also grandly hold the "2009 China Automation Innovation and energy saving product award selection and award ceremony". Through the platform of the exhibition and the mainstream media in the field of automation, we will highlight the innovative spirit of China's automation and promote the take-off of China's equipment manufacturing industry with new automation

on November 4, the main topic of the


· the overall solution of enterprise energy management

· achieving a green factory "Yu Miao metaphorically

· energy saving scheme on mechanical equipment

· energy feedback technology in the production workshop

· automatic motor start and stop control scheme

· intelligent equipment management and asset optimization

· how to reduce production costs by means of automation

· motor energy saving scheme in the production workshop

· work Wireless communication technology of the factory

· survey report on consumption trend of control system in 2010

· integrated solution of control system of modern chemical plant

· application of energy-saving motor in mechanical equipment

· use frequency conversion technology to save energy for production

· reduce energy consumption of workshop air conditioning

November 5 Shanghai New International Expo Center

sub Forum 1: (morning) Automation enters a new era of low-carbon economy - wind energy industry special forum

sub forum 2: (afternoon) automation enters a new era of low-carbon economy - solar energy industry special forum

"2009 China automation field innovative energy-saving product award selection and award ceremony"

(I) award guests: expert judges of relevant industries

(II) expert judges: 10 expert review group

(III) The shortlist is selected from the excellent automation suppliers who have learned about their wear and tear through the preliminary reader survey and the relevant awards selected by experts and mm new automation

(IV) reader survey: mm modern manufacturing magazine completes the selection survey of user readers to provide expert reference

(V) award comments: the leader of the expert jury will briefly comment on the reasons for the award

(VI) acceptance speech: the award-winning representative will speak

(VII) description of the award: it is mainly aimed at the excellent automation innovative products that are on the market in the year, highlighting the important industry impact and significance of the technology of the award-winning products

1 function of torque tester as a precision instrument, the torque tester announced the award of "2009 China Automation Innovation and energy saving product award selection and award ceremony" during the Forum on January 4

participants: 400 people

the audience came from the fastest-growing industries in China's manufacturing industry: Petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing, power equipment manufacturing, wind energy equipment manufacturing, metallurgical equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment manufacturing, tobacco machinery and equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturing, cement machinery manufacturing, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing, textile machinery and equipment manufacturing Most of the papermaking machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, printing machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, and metal processing machinery manufacturing industry are the decision-making level of enterprises. In the above industries, they are currently in the critical period of technological transformation, and there is a large demand for new technologies and new equipment. We strive to promote international advanced automation technology and equipment through new automation roadshows, and arm China's manufacturing industry with new automation

industry distribution of forum audience:

power equipment manufacturing 15%

metallurgical equipment manufacturing 15%

petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing 12%

automotive equipment manufacturing 12%

papermaking and printing equipment manufacturing 10%

cement machinery manufacturing 10%

packaging, textile equipment manufacturing 10%

metal processing machinery manufacturing 8%

electronic equipment manufacturing 4%

tobacco Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry 4%

forum audience position distribution:

General Manager/Chairman/President/Executive President/factory director and other senior 30%

Deputy General Manager/factory director, chief engineer President/general manager assistant, etc. 20%

Technical Director/Director/Director/Manager/Supervisor 15%

Production Director/Director/Director/Manager/Supervisor 15%

Director/Director/Manager/Supervisor of procurement department 10%

Director/Director/Manager/Supervisor of quality department 5%

Sales Director/Manager/division head/section head/Supervisor 5%

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