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Automation technology helps build a new generation of high-performance elevators

on July 5, an OTIS escalator on Beijing Metro Line 4 suddenly reversed, causing a tragedy of one death and 30 injuries

on July 7, an OTIS elevator in a business building in Xuhui District, Shanghai, is our powerful "manufacturing" ability. When the elevator was running, it suddenly fell suddenly and instantly, plummeted 5 floors, and more than 10 people were trapped in the elevator

at about 19:00 on July 7, an OTIS brand elevator at Hanzhongmen station of Nanjing Metro broke down suddenly, and four people were trapped in the elevator for half an hour

on July 10, more than ten people suddenly fell off the escalator of Nanjing Subway; On July 10, the escalator of Shenzhen Metro Line 4 went retrograde, causing many injuries; On July 11, an escalator in Shanghai Caoyang Road station suddenly stopped running. The frequent escalator safety incidents have aggravated people's concerns about elevator safety, and also triggered widespread concern and thinking in the automation industry

picture source: Southern Metropolis Daily

huge vicious competition in the market led to industry chaos

in the first half of 2011, the elevator industry continued the trend of rapid development in recent years, and the National Elevator output increased by about 40% year-on-year. Compared with the average annual growth rate of 20% in domestic elevator production in the past 10 years, the growth rate in the first half of this year almost doubled

according to the statistics of China Elevator Industry Association, China ranks first in the world in terms of elevator production and ownership. At present, there are about 1.63 million elevators in operation in China, and they are growing at a rate of about 20% every year, especially escalators and passenger elevators. The development of elevator industry is remarkable

at the same time, the competition in the elevator industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the vicious competition characterized by price hand-in-hand war begins to appear. Liuzhantao, Secretary of the board of directors of Kangli elevator, told the media that at present, the vicious competition in the industry is relatively serious, and the owners are just pursuing lower prices. Some enterprises have no profits or even have to lose money

in the face of rapidly expanding production capacity and market, frequent elevator accidents have sounded an alarm for people. Statistics from the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China show that in recent years, there have been about 40 elevator accidents every year, especially since 2011

in fact, the safety of elevators is directly related to people's life safety, so elevator safety has always been paid attention to. On March 1 this year, the new national standard "technical conditions of elevators" was officially implemented. The new standard focuses on ensuring the safety and convenience of elevators. In addition, specific provisions are made for the materials used to manufacture elevators, which require good quality and have phase failure and phase staggering protection devices or protection functions of the power supply system to increase the safety of elevators

China is in urgent need of the elevator safety law 10 years behind.

China's large and medium-sized cities have a high population density, the elevator utilization rate in public space is higher than that in other countries, and the degree of wear and aging is also faster. Therefore, it is more necessary to improve technology to ensure the safe use of elevators

in an interview, the relevant person in charge of the special equipment safety supervision office of Shenzhen market supervision administration said that the current inspection institutions are inspecting the subway with reference to the "elevator supervision and inspection procedures" implemented in 2002, which has a history of nearly 10 years, and some new safety hazards appear outside the inspection procedures. Compared with the United States, the elevator safety act, a law specifically aimed at elevator safety, has been passed in 1962, and the law has been amended more than 20 times

the person in charge of Guangdong Elevator Technology Association believes that China's elevator manufacturing refers to EU standards, but there is a big gap between Europe and China in elevator use frequency and passenger flow, which makes the current elevator difficult to adapt to China's national conditions

relevant investigations show that domestic elevator heavy haul standards are different. For example, the heavy haul standard of Guangzhou Metro escalator is twice that of Beijing Metro, while the national standard of domestic heavy haul elevator has lagged behind the European standard for more than ten years. In addition, China's recall law only vaguely appears on products such as cars, but there is a very blank legal fixation on elevators

automation technology helps build high-performance elevators

in recent years, the R & D and design work of domestic and foreign elevator manufacturers has been carried out around the main line of safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence. The development of elevator drive system, control system, alarm and communication system and remote monitoring system is also gradually approaching this main line

Professor Zong Qun, School of electrical and automation engineering, Tianjin University, said that the essential requirement of elevator safety is the improvement of elevator safety technology. At present, China is far from enough in fault diagnosis, remote monitoring and intelligent maintenance. Only some manufacturers can realize remote monitoring; Fault diagnosis is often post positioned, that is, maintenance is carried out only after an accident, and prediction and resolution of the source of parts and components cannot be achieved in advance; Intelligent maintenance (intelligently judge the possible faults of the elevator state and propose solutions to the faults) is basically not available

at the elevator industry energy conservation and safety intelligent technology exchange meeting, Zhang Lexiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Elevator Association, said that we have noticed that elevator protection technology has hardly changed in the past 100 years. This is because restricted by laws and regulations, electrical protection must adopt simple mechanical and electrical technology, and the reliability of the series system is low, and the fault is difficult to troubleshoot. The new standard based on EN 61508 makes innovation possible; Troubleshooting: in terms of remote monitoring and maintenance technology, adjusting the screws connecting the oil pump and the motor has become the focus of elevator manufacturers because of its outstanding performance in the statistics of elevator operation status and operation information, as well as remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of the system

take the elevator control system as an example. In the past, elevators used to take the main controller as the core to collect the status signals of peripheral components, and then control the driver to drive the traction machine to drag the elevator. The wiring is complex, it is difficult to troubleshoot after problems occur, and the technical support and demand for follow-up services are also large. In 2011, delta strongly launched the IED series elevator all-in-one machine, which has greatly improved the operation performance of the elevator with its one core, stable and arbitrary characteristics

IOT technology promotes elevators to usher in the wireless era

with the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid development of modern urban business districts, intelligent buildings and intelligent residential areas, people have higher and higher requirements for the functions and comfort of elevators, and the functions of elevators are also constantly expanding, such as the stability of start and stop, the comfort of riding, energy conservation and environmental protection, the operation experience of panels, intelligent dispatching of elevators, scheduling, and passenger diversion, Trading, etc. The realization of these functions is inseparable from the support of the latest automation technology

experts pointed out that in the future, the elevator control system will be combined with network technology to supervise elevators everywhere for maintenance; There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export through elevator station transactions, including elevator configuration, bidding, etc. you can also apply for regular inspection of elevators on

technological innovation is the key to promote the progress of the elevator industry. With the application of IOT technology, the emergence of wireless elevator will inevitably touch China's elevator industry, and the elevator industry is about to usher in a new wireless era

the elevator security guard of the elevator remote wireless monitoring system based on IOT technology developed by Huangshi Keli Tongluo information technology company can realize the functions of elevator monitoring, fault early warning, maintenance prompt, trapped person rescue, daily management, history viewing, quality evaluation, hidden danger prevention and so on through wireless transmission to the elevator operation management platform

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