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Equipment transformation in carton industry -- the foundation of product game (IV)

normal> the example of transformation is the addition of automated production management system

normal> since the European industrial revolution, automated machines have gradually replaced manual labor and accelerated market competition. Although the packaging industry is a traditional pet aerogel gel industry that can absorb a large amount of oil very quickly, its amazing development track can be observed from the recent 20 years - in the past, the production width of corrugated board machine was 1.4m, and the production speed was only 50M/min. With the need of industrial development, the production width has changed from 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.2M, 2.5m and 2.8m, and is ready to develop to 3.3m, and the production speed has also changed from 50m/min to 120m/min, and then 180m/min, 250m/min, 300m/min, and even the current 400m/min; In other words, after 20 years, the concept of capacity improvement of the whole corrugated board machine is: the range increases by 2 times, and the speed increases by 8 times, a total of 16 times. And the whole human demand has also grown from tens of people to the current 8-10 people. In European and American factories, only three people can operate a wide width high-speed paperboard machine, which confirms the impact of technology

normal> in the past, because of the rich profits, few people would care about the losses in the production process. However, the current profits are so thin that no one dares not to calculate the costs that can be saved in the whole production process! From the purchase price of raw materials, substituting materials, to reducing the use of starch, saving electricity, saving water and so on, there are all kinds of tricks, and people continue to try all kinds of ways that can break through the current situation. For example, the installation and production management system of corrugated board machine can use computer equipment to assist production, improve the quality of the equipment, lay the foundation for the continuous and rapid growth of the company's future deeds, grade and performance, and reduce losses, which has formed a new trend in recent years

normal> but what kind of equipment is the production management system of corrugated board machine? How can it improve production capacity and upgrade equipment? For many people, this is a strange and new problem. Corrugated machine production management system includes software and hardware. At present, there are two methods, one of which is photoelectric displacement sensing system cheapness. But the error is large For each part, in the whole corrugated machine production line, according to the different formula base materials, each single tile machine and rewinding machine at the wet end has a dedicated controller, and a cadre controller at the cadre end is responsible for the online control of the back cutting machine, slitting machine, cross cutting machine and stacking machine. There is also a document feeding computer in the office of the carton factory, which is responsible for transmitting production materials and printing reports

normal> using the remote online function provided by the production management system, the order setter can easily transfer the order data to be produced to the production line through the computer, especially in the case of emergency order insertion or data modification, it can achieve the effect of timely processing, and greatly improve the work efficiency. At the same time, the office production management personnel can also print various types of statistical analysis reports at any time according to actual needs to provide references for improving problems; The supervisor should also have a direct grasp of the current production status of the workshop in the office. For enterprises with branches, they can also know the production information of corrugated cardboard machines at any time in any corner of the world through broadband household connection

normal> several common conditions at the wet end that are easy to increase consumption and reduce efficiency:


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