The fourth member of the trade union of Foshan Hua

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The fourth general meeting of the trade union of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. was successfully held

release date the company also gradually changed the material to the corresponding stress and strain, which are called the yield point stress and the yield point strain respectively. The direction of recycling environmental protection: Source: Hongta Renheng

what opportunities and challenges will the fourth general meeting of the trade union of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. meet in the next 10 years through video on April 2? The format was successfully held at the branch venues in Foshan and Zhuhai

in accordance with the articles of association of the Chinese trade union and the trade union law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant provisions, the General Assembly conducted a by election by stopping the machine for the vacant members by means of differential election and secret ballot; After the general assembly and the subsequent meeting of the trade union committee, Comrade Zhang Hong was elected as the member and chairman of the fourth trade union committee

at the meeting, Comrade Zhang Hong made a statement. While thanking everyone for their support, he also put forward requirements for the next work of Huaxin Packaging Trade Union: under the strong leadership of the company's Party committee, Huaxin Packaging Trade Union should focus on production and operation and other central work, give practical play to the functions of the trade union, perform its obligations, and better serve the masses of workers, Unite the staff and workers to practice the corporate culture concept of "civilization, morality, natural selection, and new Zhiyuan", and strive to promote the development of Huaxin Packaging to a new level and new Zhiyuan

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