The fourth generation nuclear power demonstration

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Four generations of nuclear power demonstration projects are about to be completed to become a powerful nuclear power country

nuclear power is a technology of a large country, a technology of a powerful country, and a strategic industry. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, nuclear power has gradually become one of the business cards of Chinese brands, and is a "national priority" representing the country's core competitiveness. Chinese nuclear power enterprises have accelerated the pace of "going global", and successfully entered the overseas market with advanced technology, excellent equipment plastic combustion performance test methods, horizontal method and vertical method gb/t2408 ⑴ 996, and safe performance. China has become an exporter of nuclear power technology from an importer of nuclear power technology

"China's independent innovation ability of nuclear power has been significantly improved, which has laid a solid foundation for achieving the goal of becoming a powerful nuclear power." Qin Zhijun, deputy director of the nuclear power department of the national energy administration and head of the implementation and Management Office of major nuclear power projects, said that China's nuclear power development has gone through a 30-year process, from scratch, from weak to strong, has cultivated and reserved a large number of nuclear power professional and technical personnel, has the strength of "going global" nuclear power technology and equipment, and has ranked among the world's nuclear power powers

equipment localization

over the past five years, significant achievements have been made in major nuclear power projects. The major nuclear power project is one of the 16 major national science and technology projects identified in the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (2006-2020). The major nuclear power project mainly includes two sub projects. The first is the pressurized water reactor sub project, which is a third-generation passive nuclear power technology with R & D, design and construction of cap1400 demonstration project as the main achievements; The other is the sub item of high temperature reactor, which takes the R & D, design and construction of 20MW high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration project as the main achievement, and is one of the technical directions with the characteristics of the fourth generation nuclear power. Qin Zhijun said that up to now, 179 projects have been approved for nuclear power projects, and the approved central budget is 11.399 billion yuan. In the sub items of PWR and HTR, 54 acceptance projects have been completed. 51 new and 12 internationally leading large-scale platforms and test facilities have been built and reconstructed, filling the domestic gap. On this basis, a large number of tests have been carried out, and the accumulated massive data provide support for the design and verification of new nuclear power models in China. Through special support, China's third-generation nuclear power technology has significantly improved, and the fourth generation nuclear power technology has gradually moved to the forefront of the world. The manufacturing of nuclear power related equipment has been upgraded, and solid steps have been taken on the road to achieve the goal of becoming a powerful nuclear power country

zhengmingguang, chief technical engineer of PWR sub project and President of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, introduced that all the key equipment and materials of the third generation nuclear power have achieved independent design and localization manufacturing. The overall localization rate of the first reactor can be 80%, and the capacity after batch production can exceed 90%. The remaining 10% is general-purpose equipment with reasonable prices in the world. The industrial chain of the third generation nuclear power equipment has been formed, The equipment manufacturing capability has achieved a leap from the second generation to the third generation

remarkable achievements in the third generation nuclear power

in recent years, the special implementation of nuclear power has made a number of landmark achievements. In terms of third-generation nuclear power, Zheng Mingguang introduced the main implementation achievements of the pressurized water reactor sub project:

first, breakthroughs were made in major technology research and development to promote the improvement of nuclear power technology. The digestion and absorption of AP1000 technology has been basically completed, and the AP1000 nuclear island design technology and the design and analysis methods of key nuclear island equipment have been mastered, and an AP1000 analysis software system covering key fields such as safety analysis, serious accidents, modular design, core design, etc. has been formed. Cap1400 conceptual design and preliminary design passed the expert review organized by the national energy administration, the preliminary safety analysis report of the demonstration project was reviewed and approved by the national nuclear safety administration, the feasibility study report passed the review, and the safety review was basically completed

second, significant progress has been made in the development of major equipment and systems, driving the transformation and upgrading of the nuclear power industry chain. The main equipment of AP1000 has been localized and changed to rely on project supply. A total of 144 key technical breakthroughs have been carried out in mechanical, material, hydraulic, thermal, electrical and other aspects for the shielded motor main pump, and 134 have been completed, and a full flow test bench for the main pump has been built. The key technology of bursting valve design and manufacture has passed the function test, and the equipment qualification test is being carried out. The development of long-term main equipment engineering prototypes of cap1400, such as pressure vessels, steam generators, control rod drive mechanisms, reactor internals, main pipelines, and integrated heads, has been smoothly promoted, and all have been ordered and manufactured in China. At present, the engineering prototype of the main pump is being manufactured, and 76 key tasks have been completed, such as the manufacturing of the stator core of the motor, the offline of the stator winding, and the manufacturing of the stator and rotor shielding sleeve. The engineering prototype of 18 inch blasting valve was successfully tested

third, important achievements have been made in the construction of experimental verification technology and platform to improve the ability of independent innovation. China has newly built and rebuilt more than 20 large-scale test devices such as passive core cooling system and passive containment cooling system, and built a series of test platforms such as the verification platform of digital I & C system of passive safe nuclear power plant and the design simulation, analysis and evaluation platform of large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, completed a series of important test tasks, and supported the design and safety review of cap1400 demonstration project

fourth, cap1400 demonstration project was actively promoted. Cap1400 preliminary design passed the review, the main equipment began to be manufactured, the development of the engineering prototype of the main pump, blasting valve and digital I & C system was basically completed, and the review of the preliminary safety analysis report was basically completed. Under a certain vibration condition, with the increase of the number of vibrations, the project approval and evaluation were carried out smoothly, the construction design was completed by 80%, the on-site preparations were advanced in an orderly manner, and the construction conditions were basically met

fifth, we have made important achievements in intellectual property rights, nuclear power standards and personnel training. A major special intellectual property management system has been established, and a number of high-level intellectual property achievements such as cap1400 model have been formed. An advanced nuclear power standard system has been created

the fourth generation nuclear power is in the forefront of the world

high temperature gas cooled reactor technology is targeted at the fourth generation nuclear power technology. According to Zhang Zuoyi, chief technical engineer of major special projects of high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power station and President of the Institute of nuclear energy and new energy of Tsinghua University, the four generation nuclear power demonstration project - the 200000 kW High temperature gas cooled reactor built in Shidao Bay, Rongcheng, Shandong Province is about to be completed. Because the demonstration project is the closest to completion, it is considered to be the closest to commercialization and the most safe four generation nuclear power technology

Zhang Zuoyi said that there are four main implementation achievements of the high temperature gas cooled reactor sub project:

first, it has broken through the core technology of the high temperature gas cooled reactor. The research and development of key technologies and equipment of the demonstration project have been basically completed, the design of systems and equipment has been basically finalized, and there are no major technical obstacles to the implementation of the project. The design technology of key equipment such as main helium fan, steam generator and fuel handling system has been overcome, and the trial production of spherical fuel elements has successfully passed the irradiation test, realizing a major breakthrough in the core technology of high temperature gas cooled reactor in China. The modular design scheme of the typical system of high temperature gas cooled reactor has been completed, which has played an important role in shortening the construction cycle of the demonstration project and reducing the construction cost

the utilization rate of degradable plastics is low. Second, it solves the manufacturing problems of major equipment and materials. It has broken through the technical difficulties in the development of main helium fans, reactor pressure vessels, metal reactor internals, steam generators, fuel handling systems, absorption ball shutdown systems, and other equipment, and the rapid consumption of the service life of the tension machine. The product processing and manufacturing has entered the final stage

third, important achievements have been made in the construction of major test and verification platforms and verification systems. Engineering laboratories and engineering research centers have been fully established. In the center and laboratory, a series of important test tasks have been completed, supporting the design of demonstration projects and safety reviews. The construction of high temperature reactor standard system is also progressing smoothly

fourth, the construction of the high temperature reactor demonstration project is generally progressing smoothly. The demonstration project started construction in December, 2012, and major engineering nodes such as engineering design, equipment manufacturing, civil engineering installation, etc. were promoted on schedule. The civil construction of the reactor building has been completed, and the main equipment will soon arrive at the site. The project is being fully promoted in accordance with the goal of generating power by the end of 2018

Qin Zhijun said that in the next step, we will continue to vigorously promote the implementation of major nuclear power projects. Reform the way of project subsidies, and further mobilize social forces to help the nuclear power industry tackle key problems. We will focus on core technologies such as nuclear grade pump valves, key components and basic materials, and accelerate the localization of fuel and software design and verification. Promote the construction of cap1400 and do a good job in the construction of high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration project. In accordance with the highest international safety standards, we will further improve the evaluation and certification system for the application results of nuclear power technology to ensure the safety and reliability of products entering the nuclear power market. We will improve the policy system for the application and promotion of special achievements, and support the application of achievements in a variety of ways, such as "demonstration, subsidy and reward"

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