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Market development direction of automatic box pasting machine (IV)

actively respond to the needs of market development

in the interview, we learned that at present, the proportion of manual box pasting in the domestic market is still quite large, which can be said to occupy half of the box pasting market. There are four main reasons for this situation: first, because domestic labor costs are relatively cheap, some packaging and printing plants in the South even have more than 10000 workers, which is unimaginable in developed countries; Second, some box type automatic box pasting machines cannot be made, so they have to use manual box pasting; Third, the production batch of some packaging boxes is small, so the manual pasting method is more efficient and the cost is lower; Fourth, although there are tens of thousands of packaging and printing enterprises in China, not many of them have formed a certain scale, and many small factories rely on manual box pasting

the positive order is from high to low. However, insiders generally believe that the future development prospect of automatic box pasting machine is very optimistic. On the one hand, with the rapid development of food, cosmetics, medicine and health products industries, automatic packaging machines are becoming more and more popular in these fields. The wide application of automatic packaging machine puts forward higher requirements for box pasting products. If the quality of paste box is not high, it will affect the operation of automatic packaging machine, which urges the printing factory to improve the quality of paste box. On the other hand, with the development of economy that makes the control more flexible, the domestic market environment is also changing. The labor cost in many large and medium-sized cities is gradually rising, which will have a certain impact on the manual box pasting, and the automatic box pasting machine will play a greater role and advantage

1. Adapt to more box types, especially special-shaped boxes

with the acceleration of economic globalization and the intensification of market competition, consumers and packaging users have higher and higher requirements for packaging boxes. In order to improve the added value of products, the box type design of packaging boxes is also increasingly diversified. Moreover, when competing with small enterprises, many large enterprises are difficult to gain an advantage in price. They can only win by adopting new technologies and improving the added value of products. This is also the reason why there are more and more special-shaped boxes in the market now, and this demand is still growing. For example, many cosmetics packaging boxes are mostly large boxes with small boxes, with different shapes and very exquisite

according to Mr. Liu Zheng, from the international market, straight-line boxes account for about 60%, lock bottom boxes account for about 30%, hexagonal boxes, octagonal boxes, special-shaped boxes account for about 10%, and straight-line can still be mastered according to video tutorials in a short time. The proportion of boxes is declining, and the proportion of special-shaped boxes is gradually rising

deputy factory director Zhang pointed out that the development of automatic box pasting machine must closely follow the development pace of the packaging industry and should be able to adapt to the new box types launched in the market, which is conducive to the overall development of the industry

in terms of box type adaptability, the domestic automatic box pasting machine is far less than the imported automatic box pasting machine, especially in the production of special-shaped boxes. At present, the domestic automatic box pasting machine can not meet the requirements. Therefore, in terms of box type adaptability, domestic manufacturers need to redouble their efforts. Manager Chen Han also pointed out that Wenzhou Qunying Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is ready to adapt to the market demand and march into the field of special-shaped boxes

2. Adapt to the production of small batch packaging boxes

at present, there are more and more short version activities. The pasting of small batch packaging boxes mainly depends on manual work in China. If the automatic pasting machine can make a breakthrough in small batch production under the condition of small deformation in the future, it will be more conducive to the promotion and application of automatic pasting machine

3. Improve the degree of automation and improve the operating performance

the higher the degree of automation of the automatic box pasting machine, the lower the dependence on the operator. At the same time, it can also improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. At the same time, the automatic box pasting machine will become more and more humanized in terms of operability, reflecting the "people-oriented" design concept

according to Mr. Liu Zheng, in the high-end market, boster group will adapt to the development trend of the international market, improve the automation of the automatic box pasting machine, and add more functions on the premise of the same price, so that its operation is as simple as a "fool machine"

At the same time, Mr. Liu Zheng also pointed out that in the low-end market, boster group will reduce the production cost of automatic box pasting machine by simplifying the design and changing the structure, and gradually reduce the equipment price to meet the market demand of developing countries such as China and expand the market share

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