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The history and culture of Chinese cigarette packaging IV

VI. the expression of the industry competition situation at the end of the ninth five year plan and the early stage of the Tenth Five Year Plan

at present, China's tobacco industry is in a new historical stage with epoch-making significance. The basic characteristics of this stage are: 1. After China's entry into WTO, the industry is facing the pressure and challenges of international tobacco's long planned entry into China's largest tobacco market in the world. 2. In 1994, "Huangshan" and "best Yunyan" triggered the fierce competition in the buyer's market of domestic tobacco "high-grade cigarettes" and "high-priced cigarettes". 3. The "Ninth Five Year Plan" period is the fastest period in the history of China's tobacco industry for the introduction of high-tech equipment. 4. The Ninth Five Year Plan period is also a historical period when brand innovation, brand launch, brand internal quality, external packaging and decoration are upgraded, and the pursuit and application of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the contemporary industry are the fastest and most extensive. 5. During the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, many brands in the industry competed, occupied and partitioned the market in the most intense period. 6. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the "high price cigarettes" were introduced most and fastest, with the same elongation rate of>360%; The required density of PVDF resin for pumps, valves and pipelines for oil, gas and chemical fluid transportation is 1.75 ⑴ 77g/cm3, melt index 0.5 ⑵ 0g/10min, melting point 156 ⑴ 65 ℃ is also the most concentrated period for the launch of "ladder price" series brand cigarettes

"Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan" are also historical periods for Chinese tobacco enterprises to re-examine themselves, understand themselves, update (or expand) their brands and enhance their core competitiveness in the face of severe market situation

VII. Looking forward to the arrival of the "dragon era of big brands" of Guoyan

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the largest "dragon" of a single cigarette brand in China's tobacco market has always been the "Hongtashan" of Yuxi Hongta Group. It is assumed that frequent startup will cause damage to the driver of the exchange servo machine, and its annual output is between 500000 and 800000 boxes, entering the end of the ninth five year plan and the early stage of the tenth five year plan, According to the 2001 consumer goods market survey report released by the China industry enterprise information release center of the National Bureau of statistics, the top 10 cigarette brand market sales in 2001 were "Hongmei", "Baisha", "Yunyan", "Honghe", "Hongtashan", "Shilin", "Shuangxi", "Dahongying", "Huangguoshu" and "Ashima"; The top 10 brand market sales are "Zhonghua", "Dahongying", "Yunyan", "Hongtashan", "double happiness", "Baisha", "Honghe", "Huangguoshu", "Yuxi" and "Hongmei". After a lot of experiments, the top 10 cigarette market sales of the research team in 2000 are: "Hongtashan", "Hongmei", "Honghe", "Yunyan", "Baisha", "Zhonghua", "double happiness", "Ashima", "Dahongying" and "golden leaf"; The top 10 in sales are "Zhonghua", "Hongtashan", "Dahongying", "555", "Yunyan", "furongwang", "double happiness", "Yuxi", "Honghe" and "Ashima"

the report conveys a strong message: the domestic cigarette market has entered the era of brand competition, and the ups and downs of brands in the sales volume and sales ranking also reflect the changes of all brand enterprises. The report also shows that so far, China's single brand cigarettes with an annual output and sales of more than 1million cases have only the "red plum" of 2000

according to statistical table 1 The experimental fixture shows that there were more than 170 large and small cigarette factories in China at the beginning of the ninth five year plan, which had been reduced to 146 in 2001. Among them, 11 have an annual output of more than 600000 boxes, with a market share of 34%; There are 27 companies with 300000 ~ 600000 boxes, with a market share of 33.1%; There are 45 companies with 100000 ~ 300000 boxes, with a market share of 25.6%; There are 63 companies with less than 100000 boxes, with a market share of 7.3%. At present, the number of cigarette brands in China has been reduced from more than 2000 to more than 1000. In 2001, 33.636 million cases (168.18 billion cigarettes) were produced and sold nationwide, and the average production scale of each brand was only 248400 cases. In 2001, the average production scale of industrial enterprises in the whole industry has increased from 190000 cases in 1995 to 230000 cases. The above figures show that whether it is the product structure or the enterprise structure (i.e. the production and sales of a single brand and the average output of industrial production enterprises), the situation of "small, scattered, poor and low" of China's tobacco enterprises objectively exists, and the industry structure and brand structure have become the bottleneck restricting the competitiveness of the industry. Cigarette manufacturers are increasingly competitive in packaging, printing and packaging materials. The problem of "over packaging" has become an important aspect affecting the economic benefits of the industry. "In recent years, some large enterprises and brands have not achieved further development, expansion and improvement, and even experienced a serious decline and weakening of advantageous enterprises and advantageous brands", which fundamentally threatened the healthy development of domestic high-end cigarette brands and sounded an alarm for the manufacturers and manufacturers of high-end cigarette brands. Here, we are looking forward to the aggregation and sublimation of China's high-end cigarette brands, the substantive expansion of Guoyan's "high-end brand dragon", and the large group of "fish who want to jump over the dragon's gate" as soon as possible to truly become the new high-end brand dragon of China's cigarettes

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