The fourth generation of the hottest paper mold pr

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The fourth generation of paper mold production line

morning news news news the state-owned 706 factory is an enterprise owned by Beijing Electronic Holding Co., Ltd Elasticity coefficient is the definition of Young's modulus of elasticity: the ratio of normal stress and normal strain in the same phase. Since its zhenghexing environmental protection equipment development center developed the first to third generation pulp molding production lines, it has recently integrated the advantages of the above three generations of products and absorbed the advantages of domestic similar products to launch "the fourth generation products with more advantages". Its main feature is that the stroke of its oil cylinder piston is small and the degree of automation is high. Two new types of automatic transfer mechanisms for wet billets and finished products are adopted, so as to realize the forming and finalization process and full-automatic operation. The whole machine is electrically controlled by PLC, which enhances the stability and reliability of equipment operation. In the process, the vacuum adsorption molding and hot pressing molding are designed into a combined type, which not only has a compact structure and small floor area, but also avoids the turnover of products between processes, shortens the production week, which is equivalent to actively reducing the production period and reducing labor. (Beijing Morning Post)

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