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Liu Dengliang, editor in chief, began to subscribe to coating technology (Fourth Edition)

Liu Dengliang, editor in chief, began to subscribe to coating technology (Fourth Edition)

October 30, 2009

[China's coating materials are widely used news] since the publication of the first three editions of this book, nearly 200000 sets have been sold. On the basis of maintaining the basic structure of the third edition, the fourth edition of coating technology has been revised from the requirements of the development and management of coating technology under the condition of market economy. The book is divided into five chapters. The resins used for wood plastics include PVC, PE and PP, of which PE accounts for 70%: introduction, coating raw materials, coatings, coating manufacturing process control and coating process control. Try to introduce new concepts, new materials, new principles and new standards into the chapter of coating raw materials, strive to integrate with international standards while taking into account the reality that China is a developing country, and adhere to the unity of progressiveness, practicality and economy. Each treatise on coatings is compiled according to its purpose, covering the basic varieties of coatings, striving to reflect its modern technical level. In addition to providing practical basic formulas, it focuses on the principle of formulas. The manufacturing process of coatings introduces the coating production equipment, coating factory design, and the standards and inspections of raw materials and products, with more emphasis on regulatory requirements. In the coating process control part, the concept that the integrated spring testing machine of coating process is used to test the mechanical properties of various springs is added, and the importance of coating site management and technical services is emphasized

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according to the understanding of Chinese coatings, the book systematically and comprehensively discusses the coating process from the aspects of basic knowledge, basic theory, raw material and product performance requirements and testing standards, formula principle, coating production process control, coating process requirements, coating technical services and coating defect control of coatings, so as to help employees in the coating industry establish an overall view of coating process, Expand ideas for paint technology innovation. At the same time, the new edition strives to maintain the practical characteristics of the third edition, lists detailed and reliable formulas, and indicates raw material specifications and suppliers. This book can be read by engineering technicians, managers and technicians in the paint and coating industry, and can also be used as a reference book for teachers and students of related majors in Colleges and universities

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