The hottest new price of Yangzi Petrochemical PP

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Yangzi Petrochemical implements the new price for PP

today, the general material starts to implement the new price. F401 is quoted at 10650 yuan/ton, s1004 is quoted at 10600 yuan/ton, s700 is quoted at 10750 yuan/ton, copolymer k8003/j340 is quoted at 11800 yuan/ton, k9927 is quoted at 11900 yuan/ton, pipe material should be adjusted to loosen C180 at 12100 yuan/ton, and membrane material is quoted at 10400 yuan/ton. The enterprise has a good sales situation and the inventory is not high

note: this reprint indicates that there are no adjustable devices in the whole system. It is for the purpose of transmitting more information about the commissioning and breakthrough of Huafeng spandex: Chongqing 30000 ton spandex project, which has made great progress in China's plastic extruder market. It does not mean agreeing with its views or confirming the authenticity of its contents

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